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Auto Accident Attorney: Things You Should Know About Seeking Medical Treatment, Injury Related Expenses, and The Recording of Evidence

To help us build a stronger auto accident case on your behalf, it is critical that you seek medical treatment, track expenses, and record evidence. Here are the details:

Seeking Medical Treatment After Your Accident

It very common for only part of your injuries to become immediately apparent after your accident. We often see our clients manifesting symptoms several days, if not weeks, after a collision. This is why you should speak with a doctor about your injuries as soon as possible – no matter how minor they might currently seem. Seeking timely medical attention will prevent your injuries from getting worse.

Expenses Related To Your Accident or Injury

Although all of the costs associated with an auto accident may not be readily apparent, to you, they definitely have a significant financial impact on your life. When you do the math, the amount of time that you missed from work, rental car expenses, medical bills, and others really start to add up. By tracking these expenses you increase the chance of recovering these accident related expenses.


A Personal Message to Our Cyclists

You want someone with experience in the personal injury field; you don’t want to be someone’s training ground.

Advice On The Recording of Evidence

Right after your auto accident, take the time to write down everything that you can remember. Take pictures of the accident scene, road conditions, surrounding areas, and your injuries. Also make sure to photograph the damage to your car, and where the impact occurred. Your attorney will greatly appreciate this. We all know that as time passes we naturally tend to forget details, even the important ones. If possible, gather any witness information.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

The truth is that not every case requires the representation of a lawyer. However, car accident cases are very different, and here are three reasons why [SET LINK]. Once you’ve made the decision to hire an attorney, you obviously want to hire someone who is a graduate of a solid and well known academic institution. Here’s what makes a good lawyer.

Who Is Going To Pay For Your Injuries?

In Florida, your car insurance provides coverage to you whenever you are in an accident involving a motor vehicle.

This means your PIP pays initial medical bills, and your uninsured or underinsured motorists’ coverage will apply if the at fault driver either has no liability insurance or insufficient coverage to fully pay for your injury. See What PIP means.

That is why it is so important to carry good UM limits on your auto insurance coverage.

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything To Have Us Evaluate Your Case

It doesn’t cost you anything to speak with one of our attorneys. During your initial meeting with us, you will get to talk with an attorney, for free, to go over and evaluate your case. We work under a contingency fee basis. All this means is that we only get paid a percentage of the money that we recover for you. After taking into account everything that is at stake, not hiring a lawyer for your accident or injury might actually cost you more.

We have a strong track record for auto accident cases. Put our expertise to work for you. For more information send us a message, or give call (727) 381-0070. We represent car crash victims in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the Greater Tampa Bay Area.