Brian Harrington
I have been practicing Personal Injury law in St. Petersburg, Florida, since the mid seventies. I have lived in this area all my life except my school years at the University of Notre Dame Law School.Our practice is dedicated to serving our clients in the areas of Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation, Contractual Disputes, and Premises Liability.

Do I Really Need To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?
Whether its a car, motorcycle, or other accident, the experience can be devastating. Often times they leave so many of us with unanswered questions.

The truth is that not every case requires the representation of an attorney. However, car accident cases are very different, and here are three reasons why:

  1. A good lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement offer on your behalf. Check out our other article to see What Makes A Good Lawyer.
  2. You put yourself at a disadvantage by dealing directly with the insurance companies. These companies have one or more lawyers already working against you on your accident or injury case.
  3. The law is complicated, and attorneys know how to properly file court documents and handle legal matters. A late filing, for example, could delay your case or worse – the court could have it thrown out altogether.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Law Firm

  1. Our attorneys collect & gather evidence about your accident to determine the best doctors for you to treat with, and how to obtain fair compensation for your injury. While money is not a fair trade for your health, if you have ongoing injuries, we work hard to get you fair compensation. In essence, we guide you through the confusing maze that is created after an accident.
  2. We’re certain that if you could wave a magic wand and make all of your injuries go away, that you would. That is why we only work with doctors who care about their patients, and who are determined to help them recover from their various injuries.
  3. We work hard to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. By dealing directly with the insurance companies, you might be putting yourself at a disadvantage. We evaluate all offers to determine if they will provide you the compensation your injuries require.
  4. If the insurance company is not willing to reach a fair settlement, we will take your case to trial.

What You Should Do If You’ve Been Injured In An Accident

Personal injury attorney Brian Harrington speaks to cyclists at St. Pete Bicycle & Fitness about what they should do after they’ve been injured in an accident.

Can I Meet With Brian Personally?

We take pride in being personally available to our clients.

We always meet with our clients in person. Every face-to-face meeting that we have helps us better get to know you, your case, and just exactly how your injury is affecting you and your loved ones.

We also encourage the use of email communications as a quick and easy way to stay in touch. Constant and regular communication between you and your attorney is one of the most important factors for a successful resolution in your case.

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