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Personal Injury

A homeowners insurance policy is a contract where the insurer agrees to indemnify a homeowner for the risks and perils associated with his or her property.

Homeowners Insurance

We represent victims involved in bicycle, motorcycle, car, slip & fall, and other accidents.

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  • Car Accidents

Learn about the three most important things should be doing to strengthen your auto accident case.

  • Bicycle Accidents

Accidents in which a bicycle and a car are involved, present a unique set of issues. Having been an active cyclist / triathlete for over thirty years, I have first hand knowledge in dealing with insurance companies.

  • Slip &Falls

Premises liability or slip & fall cases come about as a result of a property owner’s negligence which results in another’s injury while on the property.

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We represent many athletes who are injured by cars or other motor vehicles while training.  We have extensive experience dealing with the drivers’ insurance companies in these claims.

  • Injured Athletes

We handle all types of motorcycle accidents including those involving serious injury or death.

  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death

We represent surviving family members when a relative is killed as a result of another’s negligence.  Frequently this includes representing the estate in Civil court to obtain compensation for the loss of the loved one, loss by spouse, child, or dependent.

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Conference meeting between Brian Harrington,
Xenia Verrier, and Raymond Gonzalez.

  • Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a complex area of the law involving business disputes such as claims for breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and other similar tort and contract claims.

  • Property Disputes

Real property litigation includes the resolution of  chain of title disputes, and other issues regarding the sale and purchase of real estate.

  • Civil Litigation

Civil litigation cases are non-physical injury cases, such as business wrongs, disputes, and other adversarial issues that are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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"Brian is among the most knowledgeable and competent attorneys in Florida; he has represented me for almost ten years on several cases, and has always delivered best-in-class results. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal represenation."

  • Wills & Trusts

We have handled numerous court disputes over will contests, fraud in drafting a will, and the exercise of undue influence on someone incapable of understanding their will at the time of signing.

  • Contractual Disputes

To prevail in a contractual dispute case, we need to prove that a contract existed, that it was broken, and that you suffered a monetary loss.

  • Social Security Disability

We represent applicants in applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Our firm will assist you in obtaining the necessary medical documentation that is required to win such cases.

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Featured Results

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